A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

After receiving feedback i've decided to add controller support and now it's possible to play without using a mouse!


Sneak your way through enemies and turrets to reach the end!

Enemies are conveniently deaf, must've been the wind!

Left Mouse Button - Punch.

Right Mouse Button/E - Rewind.

R - Reload level.

ESC - Return to main menu.

I've only been able to test the Windows standalone builds, your mileage may vary.

GLHF! :)

iv2b -- Design / Scripting / VFX

kriper -- AI Code

luke -- 3D Models / Scripting / Music+Sfx


BrackeysBizarreAdventureWin64.zip 36 MB
BrackeysBizarreAdventureWin32.zip 33 MB
BrackeysBizarreAdventureMac.zip 36 MB
BrackeysBizarreAdventureLinux.zip 39 MB


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Very cool *T H I C C T H U M B S U P*


Very smooth to play, loved it !

Thank you for playing! :D


That was epic. Very epic.

Glad you enjoyed it! <3


I would have never thought that it will be so good game. And it was amazing. Nice music, great mechanics, and the fact that it is a simulator of how it would feell to be the user of [Crazy Diamond] makes it even better! 
Also - I loved the artstyle

Thank you for checking out the game, i'm glad you liked it! <3